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It is important for everyone to find a healthcare provider who takes a well-rounded, balanced, and natural approach to the recovery of the human body from injuries and illnesses. That is exactly the goal of chiropractic care. It is important for everyone to know about chiropractic care and its benefits.

What is Chiropractic Care?

chiropractor adjusting male patients backA chiropractor is a doctor who has graduated from chiropractic school and earned his or her DC degree, which stands for Doctor of Chiropractic. There are a few common symptoms and conditions that chiropractors typically treat. These include:

A chiropractor has an extensive amount of medical training which allows him or her to take care of numerous injuries and illnesses.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

A chiropractor will work to help someone recover from an injury or illness in an all-natural way without using medications or surgical procedures. Some of the most common chiropractic techniques include:

Adjustments and Manipulations: This is the main technique of chiropractic medicine. A chiropractor will work to make sure the vertebrae of the spine have been properly aligned. This can help calm nerves, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that might be stressed or otherwise inflamed. Once the spine is properly aligned, the rest of the body will start to recover naturally.

AcupunctureChiropractors also use acupuncture to facilitate the healing process. A trained chiropractor can use needles to target trigger points that influence the flow of blood, oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body.

Some of the most common instruments a chiropractor will use to help diagnose and treat patients include:

  • X-ray machines
  • Ultrasound instruments
  • An activator tool
  • A chiropractic table
  •  Acupuncture needles

Depending on where and how chiropractors specialize, there might be other tools or instruments used to help take care of patients as well.

Are Chiropractors Safe?

chiropractor adjusting patients lower backYes! Chiropractic medicine is extremely safe. Furthermore, because chiropractors stay away from prescription medications and avoid surgical procedures, the side effects and complications of chiropractic care in Lincoln are slim to none. This comes in stark contrast to many of the other healthcare providers that our patients see. Of course, we also work hard to explain any and all of our treatment methods to our patients. We will never perform any treatment on our patients without their comfort and approval.

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost?

We know that our patients are concerned about the cost of seeing a car accident doctor or a chiropractor in Lincoln. Rest assured that we will work with all of our patients to come up with an affordable treatment plan that has been tailored to meet their individual financial needs. Often, health insurance will help patients cover the cost of a chiropractic visit. In other cases, such as involving cash payments, coinsurance, and deductibles, we can develop a payment plan that helps all of our patients afford any cost associated with high-quality healthcare.

Why Choose Larson Chiropractic and Acupuncture for Healthcare Needs

At Larson Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we place the needs of the individuals and families of Lincoln, NE first. Our providers work hard to stay up to date on the latest diagnostic and treatment tools and methods in our field because we believe this provides the best quality care to our patients. We also provide numerous healthcare services including pediatric care, family chiropractic care, injury care, and even prenatal services. Our goal is to take care of you and your family. We consider this our greatest duty and privilege. To make an appointment, please call us at (402) 421-1626!

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