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Neck Pain Treatment in Lincoln

business man holding the back of his neck due to neck pain

Neck pain can be a serious quality of life issue for individuals and families. Many people who suffer from neck pain might have heard that they need to take prescription medications or undergo a surgical procedure. Fortunately, there are alternative treatment options available that can provide effective neck pain relief.

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain can take many forms. Sometimes, people suffer from neck pain or discomfort and don’t realize it until they try to move the neck from side to side. Some people with neck pain might be unable to look up or down. Other people might feel a knot on the side or back of the neck. Regardless, neck pain can be both acute and chronic in nature, causing many people to wonder why they have such discomfort in the first place.

The Common Causes and Symptoms of Neck Pain

firefighters helping a female out of her car from a recent car accident There are a number of reasons why people might come to see us for neck pain. Some of these include:

Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common causes of neck pain. People commonly sustain whiplash in a car accident. When someone is involved in a car accident, the neck tends to snap back and forth. This leads to a sprain of the upper cervical ligaments of the neck, causing whiplash.

Headaches and Migraines: Those who suffer from tension and migraine headaches can also develop neck pain. Muscle tightness and discomfort in the head can spread to the neck, leading to pain and discomfort. Migraines can also cause nausea and vomiting.

Depending on the exact cause of the neck pain, the symptoms are going to vary. Some of the most common symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Pain or discomfort that gest worse when the neck is moved from side to side or up and down
  • Shooting pains that may travel from the neck to other parts of the body
  • A feeling or a lump or knot in the side of the neck
  • A restricted or limited range of motion

Fortunately, there are effective treatment options available from a trained chiropractor in Lincoln.

Neck Pain Relief and Treatment Options

chiropraactor adjusting female patient neck Anyone who is looking for neck pain relief and whiplash treatment should know that a chiropractor can craft a well-rounded treatment approach tailored to the needs of the patient. Some of the ways a chiropractor can fix neck pain include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations that ensure the bones and joints of the neck are properly aligned
  • Acupuncture treatment that can influence the flow of oxygen nutrients, blood, and hormones throughout the body
  • Home remedies that have been designed to fix neck pain
  • Corrective exercises that will strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the neck to prevent future injuries from happening

Trust a trained chiropractor for neck pain and whiplash treatment.

The Benefits of Choosing a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

When someone chooses a trained chiropractor for neck pain treatment, there are a couple of major benefits. These include:

Drug-Free: A chiropractor will avoid the use of prescription drugs and medications to limit the possible side effects that might develop. Sometimes, the side effects of these drugs can be worse than the pain itself. Instead, holistic treatment options are used to provide neck pain relief.

No Surgery: A chiropractor can also work hard to help someone avoid surgery. The complications of surgery can be dangerous. Instead, a chiropractor will focus on bringing out the ability of the body to heal itself naturally using a well-rounded treatment approach.

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